Clivia seed

Seed is harvested in South Africa typically during the months of May/June each year.

Seed will become mature from May onwards, except seed from C mirabilis crosses which will be mature from end of February.

We try to release our list of seed available each year during February based on an estimate of the quantity of seed that could be available that year.

To order seed you could contact us .

Clivia Plants

We are able to supply small and large quantities of various flowering sized Clivia plants

  • Yellow flowering cultivars.
  • Orange flowering cultivars.
  • Pastel coloured cultivars.
  • Intespecific and pendulous species and cultivars.

To order plants you should contact us directly.

Clivia Plants for Collectors

Plants and offsets from specific and special  cultivar Clivia plants are available and advertised on the e-shop.

To order seed you could contact.

Commercial Nurseries

We are able to supply large quantities of seed, seedlings and plants to nurseries. Typically 1000 seed will weight ca. 1kg. We can also source specific cultivar seed for you within South Africa from credible Breeders.

Please contact us with your enquiry.

 Contact us at +27 (82) 5799639 or